Formed in March 2011 JB Architects is a private architecture and design practice  based in the South West of England in the UK.

JB Architects undertakes work in national and global fields in the residential, hospitality, transport, cultural and landscaping arenas. JB Architects also undertakes commissions for design and sculpture projects. Currently JB Architects has projects not only in London but also in the Midlands, Monmouthshire in S. Wales and from the Outer Hebrides in Scotland to Ibiza.

The purpose of JB Architects is to create delight in spaces and marvelous places. We do this with a deeply intuitive comprehension of how spaces and buildings are seen, used, sustained and enjoyed. We think it is critical to listen to and understand the user, the brief and the context. Based on this learning we then experiment, develop and transform the subject. We unlock potential and add inestimable value to the project; not only financially but also spiritually.


James Barnett is the principal and has 16 years of professional practical experience in the field during 22 years of immersion in architecture and design. James has a wide range of experience of different building types, sectors and scales across the UK, Africa and Australia. James is not only happy designing in the studio but also has hands-on building and management experiences not normally found in architects.  James has designed, managed and helped construct a winery redevelopment in Australia and fully remodeled his own home in London.

In addition to work in the residential sector James has 7 years experience in the hospitality, commercial and transport design sectors having worked in commercial practices in the UK and Australia. This experience includes major design and construction projects; notably a £15m new office and mixed use development in Gracechurch Street (2001) in the City of London as well as a £20m new hotel tower in Moscow (2002).

James Barnett has both a Master of Arts (MA hons) in Architectural Design and a  Bachelor of Architecture Diploma (BArch) from the University of Edinburgh.

James Barnett is registered as an architect with the Architects Registration Board ARB No.077163E  and is a Chartered Member of the Royal Institute of British Architects RIBA No. 20004648 and the Royal Incorporation of Architects in Scotland No.12858.









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