House - South Wales

House – South Wales

Lighting/ wall detailWindow detailRear view and turf roof to rear extensionSide view of rear extension & glass linkGlass link detailEntry & driveRear turf roof in useStone window details in useThe approach

Lighting/ wall detail


Window detail


Rear view and turf roof to rear extension


Side view of rear extension & glass link


Glass link detail


Entry & drive


Rear turf roof in use


Stone window details in use


The approach

Monmouthshire, South Wales

This is a residential refurbishment of a tiny gamekeepers cottage with a large new extension partially buried to hide some its volume from the planners. The cottage has  superb views to the south and west and is surrounded by woodland and an old medieval stone quarry. Local stone is used joyously throughout. The cottage and extension are highly insulated and ventilated with two mechanical ventilation and heat reclaim exchange units. The heating and hot water is provided by extensive ground source heat pump and solar thermal panel for seasonal switch over. The garage is clad in western red cedar which will fade to a natural grey.

Built by H.G. Edwards Construction