Art studio - London N19

Art studio – London N19

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Downstairs workspace


Downstairs workspace


Front view


Front view


Upstairs studio


Upstairs space

12a Shaftsbury Aerial-1

London N19

This is an office/artists & media studio formed as a refurbishment of an old workshop, almost a new build, completed in North London. It is future proofed with mechanical & electrical 1st fix plumbing & wiring to enable it be easily transformed into a dwelling with minimum fuss including a new 1st floor bathroom and ground floor kitchen. Additionally as new dwellings have more stringent targets to achieve in terms of energy use than offices, the building is designed to meet 2016 Part L1A requirements tackling fabric heat loss with high specification triple glazing & insulation and air leakage  heat loss with stringent detailing and total internal wrapping with a vapour control layer. Hot water to the bathroom and underfloor heating is provided by a solar panel backed-up by a gas powered boiler. See the more details on the project here at its marketing website:-